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Public Speaking Course: 

Wake 'em Up!

Have you ever forgetten a public speaker's name just an hour after the presentation was given? Do you want people to remember you and what you said, and talk about your presentation in the hallways? In a good way? In my public speaking course you will learn many ways to be a No Zzzz's Wake 'em Up presenter.

With these kind of skills, you use some crazy opening that jumpstarts their brains and gets their total attention. My friend Mike Stahl breaks six solid concrete blocks. Jim Ziegler memorizes the name of each participant in the room, and pretty much everyone loves to hear his or her own name.

I'm not strong enough to pulverize, or bright enough to memorize, so I just shoot confetti or fire in the air. It works and makes them think I am special, so to wake up and listen to me intently. You could do a beautiful painting quickly like Conni Gordon might do, or you could ride in on a white horse for all I care. Just do not let them stay in their comas while in you are painting a picture in their minds with your  Wake 'em Up techniques learned in your public speaking course! That is my book title, and that is your job as a public speaker.

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