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Public Speaking Course: 

Pick Your Audience

I am going to show you the best way to pick your audience? (Did he say "pick" my own audiences?). Yes, that's what I said. Mastering the skills learned in your public speaking course  means knowing when to say yes to a speaking engagement and when to say no.

Some of you may not have the ability to pick your own audience because you are required to speak as part of your job, but those of you that are able to choose, should take advantage of the opportunity. You will move up faster in the speaking world when you learn how to pick your audience the best way.

When you are a presenter beginning your speaking career it is important for you to experience many different types of audiences just FOR the sake of the experience. Later on as you climb the speaking ladder where the audiences are bigger, or more important to your career, and the stakes are higher, you must learn to just say no.

Most top speakers don't accept every request they get to speak even if they are available, and the money is right. They pick which audiences to put themselves in front of  that indicates the greatest
chance of success. A part of using what you learned in your public speaking course is knowing
when and how to maximize your success.

Avoid accepting engagements where the audiences needs are clearly out of sync with your abilities, likes and dislikes. Don't get me wrong. I want you to keep pushing your limits, but if your audience needs more
than you can give --that's right -- you bombed. Although it will be a lesson learned, do yourself and everyone else a favor. In my public speaking course you will learn the way to say no when the engagement isn't right..

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