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Visuals: FILL 'EM UP

As you will learn in your public speaking course using  visuals means having drawings and pictures to show during your presentation.  The best way to project a photo or other image during your presentation is by filling up the slide, or overhead as much as possible.

This does NOT mean you should fill the projection screen with lots of text!

This tip is only helpful when applied to images. For example, you take a picture of a funny sign on a pole. The sign is only about 18 inches tall. If you zoom in on the sign so that it fills the frame, it will have a much
bigger impact on the audience than a picture you took farther back.

The same picture can have a much greater impact on your audience if you frame it completely. When practicing in your public speaking course, don't forget the impact of your visuals during your presentation. It can really help to keep the audience awake.

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