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Public Speaking Course: 

Comic Verse & Power Poetry

During my public speaking course you will also learn how to incorporate the use of comical poetry or verse  into your presentation.  Often a short poem can illustrate your point better than hours and hours of talking. Poems can be inspiring and motivating as well as funny, and they also add variety to your presentation. You must memorize any poetry flawlessly. Any stumbles will ruin the effect.

If the verse is long, you may want to consider reading it, but total memorization will have a much greater impact. Poetry, whether funny or not, should be used sparingly in any business presentation, for "less is more".

Always look for the points that a piece of comic verse could illustrate. You don't want to use any kind of humor that does not support the points you are trying to convey to your audience.

POINT: Get moving to achieve your goals. You have the tools, you just need to pick them up and use them.

Sitting still and wishing
Makes no person great.
The Good Lord sends the fishes.
But you must dig the bait.
-- Anonymous

POINT: Look forward, not backward

The lightning bug is a brilliant thing
But the insect is so blind.
It goes on stumbling through the world
With its headlights on behind.
-- Anonymous

POINT: Everybody has to start at the bottom. That shouldn't keep you from being great.

Do not worry if your job is small
And your rewards are few.
Just remember that the mighty oak
Was once a nut, like you.
-- Anonymous

Rewrite of the last verse (to make the audience feel superior to me)

Do not worry if your job is small
With rewards you can't see.
Just remember that the mighty oak
Was once a nut, like me.

POINT: Ride out the tough stuff in life.

When the tides of life turn against you,
And the current upsets your boat,
Don't waste those tears on what might have been,
Just lay on your back and float.
-- Ed Norton in "The Honeymooners"

POINT: If you have a problem, do something about it.

Life is real,
Life is earnest
If you're cold,
Turn up the furnace.
-- Herman Munster


POINT: Be careful whom you deal with.

There was a young lady from Niger,
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
They came back from the ride
With the lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the tiger.

POINT: Are you just coming along for the ride?

A silly young man from Port Clyde
In a funeral procession was spied.
Asked, 'ho is dead?' He giggled and said,
'I don't know. I just came for the ride.'

POINT: Quit fighting.

There once were two cats in Kilkenny.
Each cat thought there was one too many.
So they scratched and they fit
And they tore and they bit,
Til instead of two there weren't any.

In the famous words of Marie Antoinette ~~
"Keep cool when all's done and said,
Above all remember, don't lose your head."

During my public speaking course you will learn that humor and history are yours to use during your presentation.

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